Car Dent Repair Service


سمارت تاتش هي خدمة راسخة لإصلاح عيوب السيارات في دبي تعطي نتائج متفوقة تتجاوز توقعات العملاء.

بمرور الوقت ، اكتسبت سمارت تاتش ثقة مالكي السيارات وشركات التأجير من خلال تزويدهم بما يريدونه حقًا في مركز إصلاح عيوب السيارات ؛ نتائج عالية الجودة والموثوقية والجدارة بالثقة والراحة وتجربة لا مثيل لها يمكنهم الاعتماد عليها في كل مرة يتعاملون معها.


  • Paintless Dent Removal

    Smart Touch technicians are experts in paintless dent repair for both small and large dents,Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is an innovative dent repair process using specially designed tools that work from behind a vehicle’s metal panels to manipulate and flex the panel back to its original form and the original paint stays with no damage at all.
  • Mobile Dent Repair
    Mobile Dent Repair
    Fast and perfect color matching Mobile dent Service.We are the best mobile dent repairs near you,We specialize in mobile car body repairs, bumper scuffs, and scratch removals,There’s no need to take your car to a body shop because we bring our services to you,We can come to you at your home or place of work.
  • Professional Car Paint Protection
    It’s basically an invisible coating applied over the top of the car’s paintwork and serves as a protective layer,It shields the paint from the likes of stone chips, tree sap, bird droppings, fading, oxidation, water staining, fallout, vandalism and dust.
  • International Hail Repair
    As a professional company dealing with car dent repair, Smart Touch provides our customers with an exceptional Hail Damage Repair Process,It is distinguished by its quickness, professionalism, and efficiency to deal with any kind of hail damage -- even if it is a catastrophe.
  • Stickers
    With so many different labeling materials available in terms of types, prices, and quality, it can be hard to know which one will fit your car and which one has a high quality,That's why, we, at Smart Touch recommend our white vinyl materials because they are weatherproof and able to withstand severe sunlight and rain.
  • Car Interior Roof light
    If you love to customize your car’s interior, call us, and we are always ready to help you out,We got a wide variety of Car Interior Lights for you to choose from,Let the experts at Smart Touch do their job in selecting the right automotive lighting dome for your vehicle,As you know, these lights are located on the ceiling of the vehicle and illuminate when you enter or exit the car.


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